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"Dr. Jason Lamarche D.C." in Braidwood works at 180 East Main Street, IL 60408. If you have any questions, please call the phone number +1 815-458-2225

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180 East Main Street, Braidwood, IL 60408
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+1 815-458-2225

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  • Michael Mokry
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    I have had scoliosis since grade school and over the years I have been seen by many Chiropractic Doctors. Usually would encompass a couple of visits and adjustments and then would eventually come back once my back flared up again. Last year my lower back was really giving me fits. I was referred to Dr. Jason Lamarche of Elite Rehab in Braidwood.

    During my first visit, Dr. Lamarche went over my history. I expected him to make a couple of adjustments and then send me on my way, but no. He wrote up an order to get x-rays of my neck and back. After getting the x-rays, Dr. Lamarche went over the films and detailed everything going on with my spine and vertebrae. There were issues with my neck, which I never knew I had. Dr. Lamarche proposed a 12 week rehab program that would involve more than adjustments. I was a little skeptical at first but decided to start the program. I completed the program and now go for maintenance visits every couple of weeks while performing the neck and spine exercises at home. My back has never felt better! Dr. Lamarche is truly amazing!

    In getting to know Dr. Lamarche, he is really into fitness and healthy eating. I attended one of his Health Workshop sessions. After Thanksgiving my wife and I decided to try and lose weight by eating healthy, removing carbs and processed foods and exercising. Over seven weeks, I have lost 16.4 pounds so far, and my wife has lost 12 pounds. Thank you Dr. Lamarche for getting us back on a healthy lifestyle!
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Dr. Jason Lamarche D.C.

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  • Address: 180 East Main Street, IL 60408
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  • Phone number +1 815-458-2225
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  • Main work: Establishment   Health  
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  • The website eliterehabinstitute.com

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